Collection: Celine

Celine's style is a cross between sporty-sexy and flirty-cute. Both easy-to-wear and appealing to women, the brand’s history is just as impressive as its Trapeze Bags.
1940s: Céline was founded in Paris by Céline Vipiana in 1945. Originally conceived as a made-to-measure children’s shoe boutique, by 1948 the business had opened three more stores.
1960s: Their success grew and in the 1960s, Céline launched a ready-to-wear line with the notion of bringing fashion to everyone, a trend that revolutionized the 1960s. A pioneer in the sportswear genre,  Céline’s ready-to-wear cornered and conquered this emerging market.
1970s: In 1971, the first signature Céline canvas was born: the C Sulky Canvas. At the same time, the label began to expand, opening boutiques in Monte Carlo, Geneva, Hong Kong, Lausanne, Toronto and Beverly Hills.
1990s: In 1996, Céline joined the LVMH Group and began rapidly developing its ready-to-wear and accessory collections. One of the first official acts by owners LVMH Group was to appoint Michael Kors as lead designer for the label’s ready-to-wear collection. He became the house Creative Director in 1999.
2000s: Michael Kors left Céline to focus on his own designs. Phoebe Philo was appointed as full-time successor in 2008 after leaving Chloe. Through her vision, the brand re-discovered its former prestige.
Today, the brand is becoming more and more well known as a go-to luxury brand.