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Christian Louboutin Snakilta 100 Spikes Red Corazon Boots

Say hello to "Snakilta," a sassy little booty covered in signature Louboutin spikes. And if she looks familiar, it may be because she's the sultry sister of our "So Kate Booty." Christian Louboutin Snakilta 100 Spike Red Leather Boots/ Booties is the hottest shoe of 2014. They were retailed for $1995 plus tax and were sold out nearly everywhere within months.  These boots are hard to miss as they feature red spike studs all over the red nappa leather material. Completing this pair are pointed toes, side zip fastenings, and heels that measure about 4 inch/ 100 mm. "Snakilta" is a rock-steady booty...

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